Event 8228 - SRMSVC Quick Fix

For some reason, a couple of our Server 2012R2 file servers randomly logging a bunch of Event 8228 SRMSVC warnings. Every 10 seconds, it logs a warning similar to this in the event log:

File Server Resource Manager was unable to access the following file or volume: '\\?\Volume{ed7228df-ce3e-11e4-8253-001018973e08}\System Volume Information\SRM\FciNrt.usn'. This file or volume might be locked by another application right now, or you might need to give Local

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Stop Cryptolocker from Hitting Windows File Shares with FSRM

Imagine this - you have thousands of users across dozens of departments, all having their own set of file shares that are set up as mapped drives, and all users have full read/write access to their drives. Now a user gets infected with whatever variant of Cryptolocker is currently going around and starts encrypting all mapped drives...and no one realizes anything is amiss until the next morning when you find hundreds of gigs

Quick Tip: Allowing FSRM to Send Email via Exchange

Last week, I was working on configuring File Server Resource Manager (FSRM) on Windows Server 2008R2 but I noticed I wasn't getting any emails. Luckily there's a built-in "Send Test Email" button but it thru a less than helpful error:

Error Message

To find more details, I opened up the event viewer to see these details:

Error: IFsrmEmailExternal::SendMail, 0x8004531c, Mailbox unavailable. The server response was: 5.7.1 Client does not have permissions to