How to Split a Spreadsheet into Multiple Sheets or Workbooks based on Column Value

Dealing with data (as in statistics, not storage) is a daily job of sysadmins. I love CSV exports but often times I need to separate the data out by a certain column or split into multiple workbooks/files to send to other staff. For instance, there are 22 branch offices where I work and getting the appropriate data to each building from one spreadsheet used to be a daunting task.

The first macro below (SplitToWorksheets)

How to Reverse/Mirror Contents of Cell in Excel

This may seem like a weird topic to discuss but I've always found Excel to be highly useful in manipulating data and can often be quicker than writing one-off scripts.

One of the most used features is the Text-to-Columns button (found in the Data ribbon of Excel), which splits tab and comma delimited files into individual columns. But sometimes the values may not all have the same number of columns. For instance, let's look at