Migrating/Restoring a Filewave Server Backup (Linux)

NOTE: These instructions are current as of Filewave 11.2.2 on CentOS

  1. Install the same version of Filewave on the new/rebuilt server
  2. Stop the Filewave service:
    sudo fwcontrol server stop
  3. Copy the backup files to the new server (via SCP or SFTP)
  4. Move the Data Folder to the corresponding directory:
    mv /path/to/old/Data\ Folder /fwxserver/
  5. Start the postgres process:
    sudo -u postgres /usr/local/filewave/postgresql/bin/pg_ctl start -w -D /fwxserver/DB/pg_data -m fast
  6. Delete the MDM database and recreate it from scratch:
    /usr/local/filewave/postgresql/bin/psql postgres postgres
    a) In Postgres type:
    postgres=# drop database mdm;
    postgres=# create database mdm OWNER postgres ENCODING 'UTF8' TEMPLATE template0;
    b) Quit Postgres (postgres=# \q)
  7. Restore the dump from your backup:
    /usr/local/filewave/postgresql/bin/psql -U postgres mdm < /path_to/mdm_dump.sql
  8. Download and run the fix permissions script from here:
    cd ~
    wget https://chrisreinking.com/public/fixfwxserverPermissions5.X-3.sh
    chmod 777 fixfwxserverPermissions5.X-3.sh
  9. Run the below 3 commands to finalize the restoration process:
    /usr/local/filewave/python/bin/python /usr/local/filewave/django/manage.pyc migrate
    /usr/local/sbin/fwxserver -M
    fwcontrol server restart
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