Fixing Exchange 2010 WinRM MaxEnvelopeSize Exceeded Error

Once upon a time, I was trying to make a change to the allowed sender IP address list on our Exchange 2010 server. However every time I tried to add or remove an IP address, I received an error that looked very much like one of the below messages:

  • The WinRM client sent a request to the remote WS-Management service and was notified that the request size exceeded the configured MaxEnvelopeSize quota
  • The response that the WS-Management service computed exceed the internal limit for envelope size.
  • The WS-Management service can not process the request. The computed response packet size < > Exceeds the maximum envelope size That is allowed < >.

Needless to say, it didn't seem very relevant since I was using the Exchange Management Console MMC snap-in on the local server.

Long story short, I needed to adjust the MaxEnvelopeSize of WinRM and adjust it in IIS (which almost every other guide neglects to mention).

  1. Open an elevated command prompt and run winrm get winrm/config. Note what the MaxEnvelopeSizekb currently is. This is how large the command/output can be.

  2. Let's set the MaxEnvelopeSizekb to something very large, like 8192. We can do this by running winrm set winrm/config @{MaxEnvelopeSizekb="8192"}.

  3. Based on the output of the previous command, you should now see the MaxEnvelopeSizekb set to 8192

  4. Navigate to your Exchange install directory (likely C:\Program Files\Exchange) and go to the ClientAccess\Powershell folder. Find the file named web.config and take a backup of it.

  5. Now open web.config in notepad (or Notepad++). Find the OperationsConfiguration line and add/modify the MaxEnvelopeSizeKB value to be 8192 (matching what we set WinRM to).

  6. Run IISReset from the command line.

  7. You should now be able to modify the receive connector or whatever else you were trying to do in the Exchange console!

Thanks to Jornkf @ and Google Translate for pointing me in the right direction!

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